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Chloe Hess

Chloe Hess Headshot.JPG

As a recent graduate from the competition dance world, Chloe Hess is no stranger to the stage. Her seasoned abilities, unwavering motivation, and enthusiastic attitude make her a valuable asset to the dance industry. 


In her former role as a competitive dancer, Chloe was a member of a pre-professional training program year round. Throughout the year, Chloe traveled nationwide to high caliber conventions taking classes from some of the best in the industry, and was a frequent scholarship audition winner, as well as a top scoring soloist. During her summers between dance seasons, she attended the Commercial Dance Intensive, created by Casey Noblett, where she found her passion for commercial dance. Chloe has completed two contracts with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a dancer in Pixel's Cabaret and Spectra's Cabaret in the Two70 venue. She is eager to dive further into the industry and is excited to continue her training in Los Angeles. 


Chloe understands that the commercial dance industry stresses quality and work ethic. While at the Commercial Dance Intensive, these were the main attributes emphasized to the dancers. Chloe is confidently able to deliver quality work to any job, project, or endeavor she encounters. The prospect of being a working professional will always be an exciting opportunity for Chloe, as she is grateful to have a career where she can showcase her talent and training, as well as learn more about a growing industry.


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